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The federally funded Federal Perkins Student Loan Program is a campus based loan program that is cooperatively administered by the Bursar's Office and the Financial Aid Office. The Perkins Loan program offered a low interest rate and long-term repayment schedule.

Effective 9/30/17 the Perkins Loan Program officially ended so no new Perkins Loans have been awarded after the 2017-2018 academic year. 

The SIU Perkins Loan Office is still responsible for the following:

  • maintaining and administering loan documents 
  • billing and collecting all Perkins Student Loans that are in a repayment status 
  • processing deferments and cancellations*
  • collecting and processing payments on the loan

Borrowers can set up online access to their loan with our billing partner University Accounting Service at


* All forms must be submitted in a timely manner to be considered for deferment or cancellation benefits. On an individual basis, forms may be reviewed and backdated for up to 2 years, provided the account has not accelerated or been placed with a collection agency. No review or consideration will be completed for forms covering periods over 2 years prior.


Office Phone Number: (618) 453-2221
Fax Number: (618) 453-4677

Borrowers can access their account information Online or by calling (800) 999-6227.


Economic Hardship Deferment

Unemployment Deferment

Forbearance Form

In School Deferment

Cancellation Form