Third Party / Sponsored Billing

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Third Party / Sponsored Billing

The Financial Aid Office accepts authorizations from third party sponsors to invoice the sponsor directly for the tuition and related charges of the sponsored student. A third party sponsor is an embassy, government agency, or private company that pays all or a portion of a student’s balance directly to the university. The payment must be unconditional; it cannot be contingent on academic performance or employee reimbursement policies.  Please note that any portion of the student's bill not covered by the third party is due by the billing deadline in order to avoid any late payment charges. Authorizations must also cover the entire semester.

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING HEALTH INSURANCE: If health insurance is provided by your sponsor, it is the responsibility of the sponsored student to have the student insurance fee waived.  All policies, procedures, and deadlines are published on the Student Health Services web page at Health Services Refund Page.

For questions regarding the use of Federal Tuition Assistance, please contact Extended Campus at or 618-453-1096.


Authorizations must be on sponsor’s letterhead and include:

  • Sponsor name, billing address, and telephone number
  • Student’s name
  • Student's Dawg Tag number
  • Semesters covered
  • Dollar amount and/or definition of fees and charges to be paid


Students should submit their authorizations to the Financial Aid Office before the first day of the semester. Students who fail to submit their financial guarantees on time and are assessed late payment charges will be responsible for paying any late payment charges assessed. 

Submit Authorizations to:

SIUC Financial Aid Office

Attn: Private Grants and Scholarships

1263 Lincoln Drive-Mail Code 4702

Carbondale, IL 62901-4702

Kathy Abney

Phone: 618-453-4627

The extension of credit by the university for an anticipated third-party payment does not relieve a student from any financial responsibilities to the university. If the sponsor’s authorization does not pay the balance in full, the student is responsible for payment of any outstanding balance by the statement due date. If payment is not received from the sponsor, then a hold will be applied to the student's record and the student may be held liable for all charges that may have accrued on the account.